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03-16-2011, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by steven9d3 View Post
Larry Brooks tweeted
"According to longtime NYR season subscriber, MSG is not allowing downgrades. Either pay new price or forfeit tickets. Brutal, just brutal."

Any truth here?
If this is true, it is very disturbing.

Originally Posted by darrenturcotte#8 View Post
What seems to be lost on MSG is the fact that corporations buy these tickets to entertain their clients. Hockey does not translate well on television, which has always been its Achilles heal. If kids growing up never see the game live, they will never become a fan. Thus, will never see free hockey tickets as a highly desired perk. Therefore corporations will have a lower appetite for hockey. What MSG is currently doing is not only offensively greedy, its also quite stupid from a long term business point of view...
Having spent 35 years in corporate America, I can tell you that hockey tickets have always been a great corporate perk. In cities like New York, Philadelpia and DC (where I have done business) I could get a basketball ticket anytime I wanted one but always had to stand in the corporate line for hockey tickets.

And with HD TVs, hockey translates oin TV just fine. That's the biggest reason ratings are rising so much.

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