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03-16-2011, 02:56 PM
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[QUOTE=Tawnos;31697243]Wasn't trading for Boyle the very definition of high risk/high reward? The guy was already an NHL player, even if only a mediocre-at-best 4th liner. I fail to see the logic of being upset over a trade like that and I've failed to see it ever since I read the first complaint about it. It's a third round pick and worth substantially less than Boyle was even at that point in his career.

Of course, now the guy looks like a legitimate first round selection, so this whole discussion is moot.[/QUOTE

I agree with you that draft picks are not guarantees but as many posters have stated they are risks. Every selection you make is a risk, i mean sure 1st rounder, 2 rounders are maybe more reward and less risk but there is some great reward in later rounds, just look at our team for that. There is no real right or wrong way to look at it, for some the risk of a successful 3rd round pick like a Cally is more benefecial than an proven 4th liner. Is the risk worth the reward that what its about.

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