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03-16-2011, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by jfb392 View Post
Because we're #2 in terms of local TV ratings, behind only the Pittsburgh Penguins, and the Buffalo market always draws well nationally (see the gold medal game last year; #1 in terms of ratings in the United States).
Buffalo topped Olympic hockey ratings

Originally Posted by Chainshot View Post
He commented in his post-game presser about how "some of their guys go down easy" so he's already working the officiating side of things for their finale. I expect it will come up before the game too, probably in Ruff's game day skate press huddle.

Precisely. They put us on because we are a good ratings draw. We watch and we watch more than just the Sabres. What was the quote from a few years ago? Paraphrasing a TV exec from VS. - "Buffalo is a force of nature".
Originally Posted by BuiltTagonTough View Post
Someone has or had it in their singature.

Also mentioned how we cream American Idol I believe.

Wish I could comment more...but it seems that every night I have off the Sabres do. And every night I close the Sabres play.
Here's the other article Another Hockeytown. Figures that it would be during the 06-07 season

On Versus, Buffalo has the highest ratings and the most viewers. “The Buffalo fans are a force of nature,” said Gavin Harvey, the president of Versus. “We crushed ‘American Idol’ up there.”
Been lurking since last year. Yeah I know everyone could google these but figured I'd provide the links...

It was more disappointing that they didn't score since I wanted to hear RJ's call in the arena after a goal... but there weren't any

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