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03-16-2011, 03:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Rabid Ranger View Post
I wonder if the USA Hockey scouts have stooped to begging and/or bribery yet? I anticipate another young and inexperienced squad.
We should know soon. We didn't start hearing about players accepting/denying their spots last year until around April 10th but that was due to the late start of the tournament (May 7th versus end of April). I'm thinking we'll hear about the management staff by sometime next week at the latest. Player news should start leaking around the start of April I'd suspect.

I wish I had enough money to bribe USA Hockey officials to stop treating these spots as "throwaway" opportunities to any warm body. I'll echo Cagney's sentiment in that there's zero reason guys like Peter Harrold, Ryan Carter, Christian Hanson, Colin Stuart, etc. should be getting spots in this tournament unless literally every, and I mean every other available player has said "no thanks". And I know that's not the case. Hell, what was it, two years ago when Zach Parise was eliminated from the playoffs and wanted to join Team USA and couldn't because we filled up the team already? There's no reason Team USA should be naming college players/fringe NHLers from the get go. I'd rather originally only have 3 full lines with the possibility for adding some impact players once the tournament starts rather than have those spots already occupied by guys like the aforementioned. Give those fringe guys conditional offers. Tell them they're under consideration but there won't be any firm offers until the first round of the NHL playoffs are wrapping up. If they don't want to wait, so be it. There's plenty of players that still would play that are just as adequate as guys like Carter, Hanson, Stuart, etc.

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