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Originally Posted by Pushkin View Post
I'd say Tretyak was most of the time splendid but he never was a dominator like Hasek was in the late 90's let's say...

I like your top 10.But Larionov needs to be there he's the most decorated Soviet-
Russian player ever!

The problem with post-Soviet players is that they never fulfilled their potential in nhl to the max or never fulfilled their potential to the max for Russia...

Take Fedorov awesome nhl career(Hart+3Cups) but just ok for Russia...
Bure had a very good nhl career(injuries) and you could say very good for Russia in 3 U20 and Nagano.

So would any of them make a top 10? Bure maybe at 10.
This is difficult because we're comparing different eras AND leagues. Also, do we put more emphasis on career or peak value?

What about someone like Ovechkin? He's been average for the national team but already during his short career has widely been considered the best player in the game on numerous occasions.
For instance Maltsev had a better/more successful career, but at no time was he ever a better player than Ovechkin or Bure.

I rank higher for peak performance (but that level of play must be sustained for a reasonable number of years)

1. Fetisov
2. Kharlamov
3. Firsov
4. Tretiak
5. Makarov
6. Ovechkin
7. Fedorov
8. Bure
9. Mikhailov
10. Vasiliev

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