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03-16-2011, 04:37 PM
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But if that is the case then why is that we have been seeing the ebb and flow of ever increasing higher prices at the pump since 2002?

The API (american petroleum institute: itself said in its 2005 end of year report that the market is trending to catch up with average global prices per gallon and is set to do so before year end 2012?

At that time they had that price at $5.27 per gallon of gasoline (on average).

If this ebb and flow saw prices increasing and then decreasing back to or below the pre effected price then I would understand your position better but since it is an ever increasing rise leading up to the industries own 2012 price projection of $5,27 per gallon (on average) it seems disingenuous at best.

I think that therein lies the problem, why if we suddenly started seeing these increases based on whatever function of global sociopolitical economics you want to chose haven't we seen the tide ever go back down to the same or lower levels than it was before said reason?

It has at best dropped back to within a few cents more than its previous price only to climb high again in short time and then drop back down to an even higher than original price again and again and so on?

This is part of a plan to bring the U.S. up to par with the rest of the world when it comes to the price of refined petroleum prices and I don't think that is a conspiracy theory in as much as it appears to be a simple observable fact.

All we have to do is check the price of refined petroleum products over the past decade to see how things have worked to find the facts. At least in as far as North America is concerned.

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