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Originally Posted by PawelW007 View Post
I love Sean, I love his style of play and I think he is one of the few players on this team that genuinely play their butts off. he had his worst game of the year. He also has had a strong last 5 before the scratch, in my opinion. He''ll definitely pay for his bad game, but he'll be back in a couple.

Tortorella might not like him and the ice time is a clear sign to that, but Avery consistently brings energy and hustle.

The main issue is we have more "hustlers" on this team this year more then in years prior.


Avery does these things well:

Pass, Check, Get shots on net,Cycle, Piss people off, Stands up for teammates, Draws Penalties PARTY

Things he does not do well:

Offsides, Takes bad penalties, Defensive zone coverage, Finish goals

I'll take the pros over the cons anyday of the week.
I'm generally with you on a lot of this, insofar as this is stuff Avery USED to do frequently. This year and most of last year, though? He's been very inconsistent. He brings those Pros about once every 3-4 games, at BEST.

Originally Posted by PawelW007 View Post
Also to Fitzy who said that Anisomov is a physical player, you're joking right? The kid gets the puck and turns his shoulder any time he gets close to the boards, he's anti physical. I will say I'm one of the rare anti-Anisomov members on this board, young or not, the kid has no grit and continuously slacks on the defensive side of the game. He's Jagr without the finishing touch.

"well its only his second year in the league"

More like 2 1/2 he played parts of the 08-09 campaign people seem to over look that, also he doesn't have a great shot nor is he an excellent forechecker. He has good around the net presence but makes way too many moves in front of it, I swear he's had the puck goalie pokechecked more then any othe rplayer on the team.
This is just crazy though. Anisimov is a good grinder along the boards, cycles the puck well, and is probably our best defensive center.

Are you really going to call the 1 game he played in 08-09 HALF a season?! Don't be ridiculous. Even if you count his playoff game, he played a total of 15 minutes.

Also, Lundqvist said something to the effect of "Anisimov has the best wrist shot on the team." I can't remember when he said that, or the exact quote. Maybe someone else can find it?

I don't want to get into a big Anisimov debate here, because there was a thread about him recently, but come on, dude.


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