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07-31-2005, 12:33 AM
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For thoose who complains about not taking a forward ect. look at this link

How many teams who got a good player, forward or D, could have drafted by position and gotten a equally good player in another position with the same pick? I think you will realize instead that getting a player is what matters the most since not all prospects turns out like "projected" in scouting reports...

Originally Posted by Levitate
foote isn't really physical except when it comes to battling in front of the net. that's his forte. he does a good job neutralizing opposing forwards in front. other than that he's a solid guy all around but i don't see him as hugely physical.
Not allot of defensemens are overly physical all over the ice. Its not their job. Still most fans think any D is worth booing unless he is...

Who is a though D anyway? Jake Taylor IMO a great example. He basically never lands a hit. But he loves to get his nose dirty after the whistle is blown. I am willing to bet that most fans here would describe him as a tough defesemen...

A tough D crop is IMO when you have a group of 6 that all can land a hit when necessary, less then one per game and player, clear the crease and beeing able to handle the physical part of the game down low. Sure its great to have someone like Stevens, Kaspar, Pronger or Blake but there aren't many of thoose around in the league...

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