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03-16-2011, 09:23 PM
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Originally Posted by predfan24 View Post
Also being big in hockey is completely overrated. As long as you have a very strong core and lower body if you of at least decent size it won't make a huge difference. Look at Sidney Crosby. 5'11 200 pounds but an absolute beast the guy has legs like tree trunks and dominates.
I wouldn't say it's completely overrated, but you do have a point. Size in the "new" NHL is way less important compared to pre-lockout.

Dave also has a point, our organization has always lacked size. But it's not like we're not doing anything about it and just continue to draft small forwards. Wilson, Beck, Budish, Watson, Geoffrion, etc. are all skilled guys with size.

However, when you bulk up on "size guys" on the roster, you will start to lack speed and quickness. And right now, our system depends more on speed and transition then it does size and toughness.

We just need to get lucky and land a big, quick, skilled, guy like that freak Kopitar. I love that guy

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