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07-31-2005, 05:50 AM
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Originally Posted by FLYLine4LIFE
Id have to disagree, I though it was a pretty good draft day for the Rangers. Before today all we had on defense was Tyutin, Kond, Baranka that are pretty much sure fire top 4 we have Staal as the last piece of the defensive core with a few others behind them in case one of them doesnt do well in the NHL. So how I look it is is like this:

Goaltending - CHECK - 2 potential franchise goalies(Lundqvist & Montoya) in the system with 2 backups(Labarbera & Holt) in there as well
Defense - CHECK - Tyutin and Staal..2 potential 1st pair dmen, Kondratiev & Baranka 2 potential top 4 dmen, Pock, Lampman & Lifton as 5/6 dmen. Also..with the other few Dman Sather Maloney chose today they could turn out to be top 4 dmen as well..time will tell.
Offense - Jessiman, Korp, Balej, Immonen, Graham, Dawes...we have an OK bunch of guys but we still need to add, next years draft im pretty sure sather will be focusing on getting some offense in.

Rebuilding takes time...and the way the Rangers are doing it im loving. They started from the Goaltending and working there way up to offensive..just like they should be doing.

Does anybody agree with me that we are taking the good path toward rebuilding..or am i overrating our system?
i agree with you and that logic but you are overrating the talent

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