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07-31-2005, 07:00 AM
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Actually, calling this draft one of the worst in history is right on the money and if you don't believe that you need to get a clue. I have no problem with the first pick. The second pick made no sense and he wasn't that highly regarded. He went in the second round to us and he's coming off the type of injury where he might not be around long. Hip problems are bad news. Players often get them over and over and then retire.

People who say you don't draft by need should follow golf. That is the dumbest theory of all time. You always draft for need if the players available at that need are talented enough. You don't take a defenseman like Sauer if there is a offensive player available with a high talent level and your system is weak in offensive talent. Obviously, some of you aren't bright enough to see what is happening here. This draft clearly shows that management will be stupid and start the FA signing crap all over again in a couple of years. Maybe not on defense but on offense for sure.

I see no point in this thread going forward. In 2 years I guarantee we might have 2 or 3 good offensive players we develop and the rest will all be FA's because we simply don't draft enough offensive players. We have gone way overboard with drafting defenseman or low scoring, character forwards.

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