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Slovak ice-hockey portal made an interview with Patrik before the start of the semifinal series between Dukla Trencin and Slovan Bratislava.

Patrik Koy led Dukla with three goals and two assists to the playoff semifinals.

Patrik's season was a success and fulfilled or even surpassed expectancies of the fans. He ended up second in scoring in the league, was unarguably the best player of his class, he was the engine of Dukla Trencin not only in the regular season but also in the playoffs he was the most productive player and one of the two 3 goals scorers. We asked Patrik to share his experience of his second playoff in his career.
09/10 ED: 48 z, 23+29, 52
10/11 ED: 47 z, 37+41, 78

Patrik, can you compare this and your previous season.
I grew up in Dubnica, with friends I played in the same team, we knew each other perfectly in our line. I knew what I can expect from each and every one on the team. To sum up both seasons I have to say that the last one was a bit tougher. Since it was my first season I had to adjust to all sorts of different things.

In this season you changed teams.
Yes. After seven games I went to Trencin. At first I had no impact, sort of speak. Again I had to adjust. Not to the league itself like last year, but to a different style of hockey that is played in Trencin. I was lucky I had the same coach that I got used to in Dubnica, coach Kalaber, the same systems are trained and played here so it was similar to the previous season. Only the hockey style played in Trencin is a bit different than in Dubnica. In Dubnica we played a more combinative hockey than in Trencin.

You are saying that the hockey style of Trencin's players is different than yours. So it must be helping you that you have your mates from Dubnica on your line who have your style in their blood from the last season.
Definitely. For most of the season I played with guys from Dubnica Stantien and Bulis and now in the playoffs there is also Emil Bagin in the defense, so we have basically the same line we had in Dubnica. One player I miss is Filip Nemcek.

In an unbelievable manner you played in quarterfinal against Poprad. From 18 points your line was on the ice for 15. What was it that it was your line that was so dominant.
I don't know what it could have been, maybe the fact we had some experience from the last playoffs. Maybe we were more calm than the rest of the guys. In the end it doesn't matter who was scoring. We all pulled by the same end of the rope and managed to turn the series to our favor. I was expecting a very though series despite the fact we fairly outplayed Poprad in the regular season games, we won those games in a high margin. Poprad doesn't have a bad team at all, on the contrary hand they have players that play on the national team. However what surprised me the most was that they didn't make a lot of fouls, they skated a lot and were returning to help out in the defense. I knew it would be tough but I didn't expect it to be so challenging.

You are one of the top players in the extraleague. Did they play a man-to-man defense on you?
In some matches maybe yes but I didn't pay to much attention to it. I didn't notice it that much. I'm lucky that I play on a strong line where it is hard to say whom to play defense on. For our opponents it didn't pay up because they couldn't know whom to play defense on first. After Emil Bagin came we were almost like four forwards on that line!

What are your plans for your hockey future? Are you planning to leave Slovakia?
The next season I will be playing in Trencin and after that? We will see...

Patrik also answered two questions regarding the semifinals:

1. What do you have to avoid in order to advance to the finals?
Slovan has very good forwards that will be a threat and we must look out for that. We lost to Slovan three times this year. In all those games our individual mistakes were a factor and Slovan took advantage of them. We have to avoid making them and then I think we can beat them.

2. What game do you expect?
A hard one. Slovan came to the playoffs from the 7th place but they will be strong, their juniors are out so some players may come that were gaining experience in the juniors. We are expecting quality matches, fast and tough.


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