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03-17-2011, 08:34 AM
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Originally Posted by RollingStone View Post
I think the most important things coming into next year is this:

1. We need to acquire a #1 defenseman and another dynamic young player to compliment what we've got.

2. Give me 5 good reasons why Atlanta wouldn't do Gagner for Kane? Really... why? I asked this in the summer and Gags is still outproducing Kane and they're basically the same age. However, the Oilers need a power guy like Kane more.

3. Rask.

4. Brian Lee.


I. We should grab Brent Burns from the Minnesota Wild. What will it take? You guys decide. For now, I think he would be the #1 dman the Oilers are looking for.

To help accelerate the youth movement, we should also look to add Jeff Skinner. He would really compliment Hall and we should throw everything we have at Carolina to make this happen.

Basically, what I'm saying is that if we add Burns & Skinner, the Oilers will make the playoffs next year.

II. Gagner for Kane straight up. I've been asking for it for so long but it never happens. Why? Just do it Tambellini.

III. Trade whatever we have to Boston for Tuuka Rask. That guy is pretty good and would be our #1 goalie for many years.

IV. Cogliano for Brian Lee = no more Strudwick.

1. We will just go to the number 1 defensman store and get one. What the hell is wrong with Whitney? He was easily playing like a number 1 before he went down. We don't need to waste our assets getting one. Why trade for Burns? More than likely if he is not going to sign with Minny he will be an expensive rental for a playoff team which we are not. You might as well wait till he is an UFA

2. Why would Atlanta trade for Gagner when they essentially got 2 Gagners already in Little and Burmistrov? Not only that why would they deal a 19 year old budding power forward? FYI 21 is not 19 they are not "Essentially" the same age. Also Dudley does not like pipsqueaks who get knocked on there ass half the game so he ain't going to trade for one.

3. Boston is not going to trade Rask. He is under contract for another year and is a Fantastic backup. He is there Goalie of the future once they move Thomas or sign him for less money. What kind of trade would we have to do to get him you think? Alot.

4. Brian Lee? What is the Oiler fanbase fascination with this player? The guy sucks. We have better options in our system.

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