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03-17-2011, 09:30 AM
I know u u cant sing
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Originally Posted by blueshirt4lyfe View Post

you guys need to watch this, its a huge hit on facebook. sorry if its already been posted.
Okay, let's get past all the jokes here and really break this down:

When she's downstairs: obviously a fake background. And the cereal. It isn't actually cereal. It stands for drugs. ILLEGAL drugs. Suck as crack cocaine. She NEEDS her crack or she won't be able to get through her day.

Second; why are they driving? They're clearly not old enough to drive yet, so why do they have a freaking convertible? What is this, a 1970s sitcom?

What the **** is that girl to here left doing in that OTHER non-sensical driving scene? Having a stand-up seizure?

Also, why does a this 35 year old black guy just start rapping about Friday out of nowhere? Why is he even in the video? He's completely irrelevant.

AND WHY IS SHE SINGING ABOUT THE DAYS OF THE WEEK?? Who wrote this, a 9 year old? "Yesterday was Thursday, Today is it Friday, tomorrow is Saturday, afterwards is Sunday"? Thanks for the tip *******.

Then, left out in all this, is how BADLY the words fit in with the "beat". They don't match up whatsoever. It's so off it's pathetic.

******* this abomination. Damn it to hell where it belongs/.

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