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03-17-2011, 10:59 AM
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I agree to the beating a dead horse analogies, but in the interest of the original poster, my opinion is it sucks, but it happens. Florida just let Michael Grabner walk on waivers this season and he'll likely hit 30 goals as well (at 28 currently).

Moulson is the only one who surprises me. I know some will say he didn't get a fair shot here, and that may be so, but it's rare two teams give up on a guy and then he blooms in another city. Pittsburgh didn't see anything in Moulson and we obviously felt he wouldn't reach anything significant either as we didn't make a big effort to resign him from what I recall. Good for him though and I'm glad he bloomed in NYI and not Anaheim or San Jose or Dallas.

As for Boyle and Purcell, they don't really surprise me. Boyle was a 1st rounder and Purcell was once one of our highest regarded prospects. The Future Watch one year had him as like the 38th best prospect outside the NHL to once, so I knew he had it in him. Purcell would be nice to have back, but he wasn't doing much here when he played, so we took a risk trading him and it backfired. It happens. Once again, glad it happened for him in Tampa Bay and not the Western Conference.

Boyle, I know I'll get flamed again for saying this, but I don't miss him. Nice size, but that's about it. Fans on this board go on and on about him having 20 goals but half were scored in the first 15 games of the season, and I think he has like one goal in his last 15 games or so. According to, in his last 33 games (since Jan. 1st), Boyle has six goals and 10 points. He's an effective 3rd/4th line big bodied grinder that got hot for a month or two. We have more than enough bodies to replace what he's been contributing since about November or so.

So in recap, kudos to Moulson, gladly trade Boyle for a 3rd again and it sucks we lost Purcell but it happens.

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