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Originally Posted by BigKing View Post
At the time of the Williams trade, Hammond was not an employee of the Kings so he had some sort of credibility at that point, although it was obvious he was being used as a PR tool for the Kings.

I actually think this "incident" helped move Hammond from an LBPT employee to an employee of the Kings for, if he is going to be the ultimate PR tool for the Kings, might as well just make it official and avoid anymore incidents like the Williams trade "fiasco".

His source is the LA Kings and its management. You read what the LA Kings want you to read. I've said it before but it is worth repeating: the blog has helped shape public opinion on many players. Management knows this and they use it to their advantage.
I would like to offer once piece of information as a counterpoint to your argument.

When I had the opportunity to meet Hammond I asked him whose idea it was to hire him and I suggested Lombardi. His response was quite telling. He didn't quite scoff at the notion but he made it quite clear that if Lombardi wasn't outright against his hiring Lombardi was definitely NOT the guy who put the idea in the suggestion box.

This makes me question the whole idea that Hammond is being used as a mouthpiece. How could be if he management didn't want him there in the first place?

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