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Originally Posted by blinkman360 View Post
Perif, I always enjoy reading your posts but this one is a little ridiculous. How can you not be impressed with his production this year, regardless of his age? I understand that the age difference should make it easier for him to put up points, but

A) the amount of goals/points he has put up is still more than anyone could have predicted him to score, even if you took his DOB into account, and

B) the kid is still very raw in terms of his overall experience playing the sport. He has been bouncing back and forth between hockey and football, and could have played D1 NCAA Football as a QUARTERBACK(!!!!) if he wanted to. I don't know if you are familiar with football but regardless of how talented you are, you need to devote a LOT of time and energy to the sport in order to have the opportunity of playing Division One football, especially at the QB position which requires not just a lot of practice, but a lot of studying as well. So even though he is older on paper, he probably has less total experience than a lot of NCAA hockey players, and at least 90% of the actual legit prospects. IMO that helps balance out the age difference.

However, now that football is out of the picture and hockey is getting his undivided attention, is it really that farfetched to see him rapidly progress from year to year? I am very high on this kid and see him battling it out with Cizikas for the Isles 3rd line center role of the future. I do think his potential is higher than that of a 3rd line C, but with Tavares and Nielsen/Bailey, he might have to settle with that barring some extreme progression in the next year or two.

As far as next year goes, I really hope he turns pro and heads to Bridgeport. I think the combination of his age, size, and his overall production this season(on the scoresheet and off), it makes a lot of sense to bring him over to the AHL to further develop his game. God knows Bridgeport can use some solid young talent, since they usually get skipped over by the better Islanders prospects. I'd give Lee at least one, but probably two full seasons of top-6 hockey in the AHL to see what we really have here.


What's up? I think my one sentence post should have been longer to explain my thoughts fully. So let me do that now.

I am very impressed with Lee. Not just impressed, but real excited about his potential. While I'm not 100% yet, I'm mostly convinced that we found a future NHL regular...And a productive one at that.

And I know all about his "choosing hockey late over football" history. That too is quite impressive how far he's come.

Now I've read quotes from people who either saw him play or played with him a few years ago and they said he was/is such an impressive physical specimen that he would almost "run over people" and "do whatever he wanted on the ice." So my point was that in addition to being an amazing natural athlete, his body is more matured compared with regular freshman.

So I'm not trying to take anything away from what he's accomplished, but you have to take his age, and thus physical development, into account considering he is older. But believe me - I'm not one to overlook an Islander prospect. In his short time he's been playing hockey he's answered the bell so the more it continues, the more I will be excited.

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