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03-17-2011, 02:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Officer Farva View Post
It's not the fact that we want to sign more, but more-so the fact that with the small number of top 6 UFA's, and the "undersirable" situation Ottawa is in, the top 6 UFA's will likely be gone to other, more desirable locations. We will likely be signing some people, such as the leafs did with Macarthur, who are not top 6 players, but will be given the chance here in Ottawa. We will have maybe one prosect who can jump into a top 6 role, excluding Butler whom I have in there, and thats if everything works out for our first round pick.
Then we might as well not sign anyone. I would rather undeservedly give butler,regin, or foligno a top 6 spot before we sign some 30 year old career 3rd/4th liner and put them on the second line.

Realistically, our forwards are verrryyy ******. We have to improve through trade/draft if no Solid top 6 UFAs are available.

The last thing you wanna do is give our young players icetime away to old UFAs who aren't even good.

If we're to be a good team though, we cannot, i repeat, cannot just give top 6 minutes right away to guys like butler,foligno, regin...they have to earn it being offensive on the third and 4th lines like spezza,havlat, vermette etc all had to do. Spezza put up 55 points on the fourth line before he got top 6 minutes. Havlat was a point a game on the third line before moving up to the second. Vermette progressed from the 4th, to third, to second.

If we want to develop these guys properly, butler, silfverberg and any other young guy needs to learn to play defensively sound on the third/4th lines and prove they have offense before they move up the depth chart. That's how all the good 2-way teams do it.

But now if we have no choice and only have 2-3 top 6 forwards, i would rather give the young guys ice time to improve over signing some aging bum. But then again...until we get those 3-4 top 6 forwards, we'll won't be competing for the cup any time soon.

If we had it my way...our third line would be foligno-regin-butler... Neil, smith, and someone else would make up the 4th line...with 3 UFA top 6 forwards added to michalek,spezza,alfredsson.

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