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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
And you're aware of the emblem on the front of Max Pacioretty's jersey? Not that it's relevant what team he plays for, but given the context and your post.....

I love how Bruins and now even some habs fans try to spin it that way. If a bullet graces the side of your head and you were walking, had the person pulled the trigger half a second later you'd be dead as it'd be right in between the ears. Just like if Chara had maybe moved slightly faster/slower Pacioretty could be paralyzed or dead right now, but that isn't close to death/paralysis, nope.

Seriously it would take getting paralyzed to knock some sense into some people on these forums. Yeah I'm sure waking up in the hospital after being hit by a far you wouldn't think you nearly died. Yep. My friend who got hit by a car, shattered his jaw, fractured his spine and lost a finger really felt that he didn't nearly get killed. Yep.

It really gets to me how some people can't for the life of them be empathetic or even use common sense. But when it happens to them they'll probably be the first people looking for somebody to feel sorry for them too, I guess that's just how extremely selfish close minded people act.
Yes it is unfortunate what happened to him but I was poking a little fun at all those people that where bellyaching about him almost dying and so on.

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