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Originally Posted by Captain_Cunney View Post
Still nothing....they did say to be "patient" (on FB) as they were going to have an update soon.

I know the whole Big 4 thing has been shot down already but does anyone else find it odd that Megadeath is headlining Mayhem yet they don't appear on the first day of Heavy MTL????One band that hasn't played either festival (08 or 2010) that I really hope makes the bill is Exodus, probably the best current group of the old school thrashers', IMO. I still prefer Slayer overall as they'll always be one of my favourite bands but Exodus is still putting out incredible albums, the most recent is simply epic.

You can add me to the camp that found day 2 yesterday pretty weak (I am a fan of 3IOB, LOG, Rob Zombie, Chimara, but the 2nd day as a whole was a big stepdown from day 1), which appears to be what day 1 will be this year (with the exception of Red Fang). Day 1 last year was loaded, hell, both High on Fire and Skeletonwitch hit the stage within the first 2 hrs, those 2 bands trump anything that's been announced thus far.
i think its because they are going to headline day 1 in toronto for heavyTO.

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