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03-17-2011, 06:35 PM
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Originally Posted by johnjm22 View Post
So I haven't played hockey in years, but lately I've had an itching to get back into it. Where I live (the desert), there's absolutely no hockey, NOTHING.

The nearest facility is Ontario Center Ice, just curious to know if anyone has played there. What's it like?

I see they have pick-up hockey and stick time on Fridays. I'm thinking about going, but I'm a little apprehensive because I haven't played in so long and most of my experience is with inline.

I played at Ontario for about 3years then left because of prices. When i was there it was around 350 for a 10game season and when i left they wanted upwards of 500 for a 15 game season, so i split. I know a lot for ppl on here say they have pretty good ice but i never experienced that. Because its only one rink and they always have public skate typically before game time the ice usually sucked when i would play. Divots from figure skaters all over the place on top of ppl screwing around and making long deep cuts in the ice. If you were in the later portion of the schedule and we maybe the 3 or 4th game of the evening the ice was even worse at that point for obvious reasons. With one rink, the ice is way over used and makes it difficult when the puck is bouncing all over the place half way through the second.

Ice Town in riverside is a really solid place to play. Competition level there is much higher than at Ontario and the second rink serves as good relief. I definitely recommend ice town but if you're just starting out playing again then Ontario isnt bad plus its a little closer for you.

Originally Posted by Cook24 View Post
Let's play some roller...I live in chino. I'm down for the corona or west covina rink. I can't stop on ice otherwords I would give it try lol.
Played at th corona rink for years, love that place. started off as a roller hockey player when i was a kid then moved to ice. Most of my friends only play roller so we had an adult team at corona till about a year ago. Its actually a really good rink and they were making tons of improvements when i was there. I'd love to get back to playing some roller on weeknights at that place. my only problem is i have a 50/50 custody agreement so my availability changes from week to week.

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