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Originally Posted by Zuccarello Awesome View Post
At what? Thanks for the deep analysis.

Anisimov averages about 1 extra shift per game, and has about 5 extra points, while playing most of the season with superior linemates to Boyle.
You can't watch both of them and honestly say you think Boyle creates more than Anisimov does offensively.

Originally Posted by Zuccarello Awesome View Post
And for those who say Anisimov is a great PKer, Boyle has 4 shorthanded points to Anisimov's 0.
I wasn't aware the shorthanded points were the end all, be all of penalty killing. Do I really have to point out that the goal of PKing is to kill the damn penalty, not to put up points? You're seriously going to call Boyle a better penalty killer over four shorthanded points?

Originally Posted by Zuccarello Awesome View Post
For those who say Anisimov is this great defensive center, Anisimov is a -2, while Boyle is a +3, all the while playing with Prust and a revolving door of Fedotenko, Christensen, Newbury, Drury all year, while Anisimov gets minutes with our best offensive players.
Plus minus is a meaningless statistic. Anisimov plays on the higher line, that also means he draws tougher matchups than Boyle does.

Originally Posted by Zuccarello Awesome View Post
Also worth noting is almost HALF of Anisimov's points came in the first month of the season as a result of playing with red-hot Dubinsky and Callahan and getting top line minutes.
Anisimov plays with Dubinsky and Callahan because he deserves to play with Dubinsky and Callahan. You can't write off Artie's points just because they came with better linemates. Anisimov creates more offense, hence he gets more offensively inclined linemates.

Originally Posted by Zuccarello Awesome View Post
Boyle has done more with less, in my opinion, and is a better fit for this team going forward.

I really don't see anything that indicates that Anisimov will ever be a "far better" player than Boyle. It's nothing but pure hope on the part of Rangers fans who fall in love with their homegrown prospects and blindly overvalue them, because they want them to be better than they actually are.
Anisimov is four years younger than Boyle and is outproducing him now. Boyle has had a commendable season, but who knows if he'll have another season like this? The guy looks pretty spent right now.

In another couple seasons Anisimov will likely be a 55-65 point player and Boyle will be what he is now at best. That's not blind love. It's a modest projection.

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