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03-18-2011, 12:59 AM
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Originally Posted by SLang View Post
Oh, he was mad at the fans. Mad at his team, too, I'm sure, but definitely mad at the fans. He was upset at how the team got boo'd off the ice at the end of the second. Down only 2-0 with a third of the game left. Fans should be supporting at that point. Boo at the end of the game, fine, but not with a whole period left and a not-insurmountable deficit.

He said something to the effect of "after a great road trip, going 4-0 in some very difficult places". Basically what he's saying is look how we did for you on the road, and that's how you treat us when the game still has a period to go?

He's right, too.
Look how they did for us on the road?

The fans of the other teams got to watch REAL hockey. The fans at home got to watch the Blues put on a clinic. There was absolutely no passion or focus whatsoever. The Kings should be ashamed of themselves, that thousands of people paying good money to show their support, was subjected to such lousy effort, poor execution, and lack of focus.

I just hope the boos were recorded and play over the loudspeaker at next practice, so they'll know what they're getting on Saturday if they try to pull the same crap again.

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