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Originally Posted by Zuccarello Awesome View Post
No, I'm not just calling Boyle a better penalty killer over 4 SH points. I'm just arguing the SH points and plus/minus stats against people like you who use every possible non-negative as a huge positive for Anisimov, yet those very same attributes don't count for Boyle because he's a few years older and wasn't drafted by the Rangers. Boyle is at worst, a comparable PKer to Anisimov, and has certainly been more of a threat shorthanded than Artie. No, it's not the goal of PKing, but would you rather spend the PK in your zone and hope for a clear, or push the issue and try to create something shorthanded while the other team's guard is down? Would you rather be tied or have a 1-0 lead?
You can't use four shorthanded points over the course of a season's worth of penalty killing to make large assertions about the quality of Boyle's game. It's not statistically significant. I simply countered your claim that those four points somehow make Boyle a better PKer than Artie.

Originally Posted by Zuccarello Awesome View Post
Don't tell me Boyle is what he is and doesn't get the same right to the benefit of the doubt in terms of continued development that Anisimov does. He's a few years older, but he's still in the same boat as Anisimov. They're 2nd-year players. Neither are consistently proven. Both are still young and can and likely will improve. I happen to see Boyle as a better fit for the identity of this team and the direction they're heading in. If you disagree, that's perfectly fine. But let's call a spade a spade.[/B]
If you don't understand the difference in room for development between a 22 year-old who hasn't filled out yet and a 26 year-old who likely has hit his physical prime, then we don't have a lot to discuss. It's not about AA being a "better fit for this team" whatever that means. It's about AA being a better hockey player now and in the future.

Boyle is a cycle, grind, and bang guy. That's what he is. He got better this year because he improved his skating and started throwing his body around. There's a difference between making strides in those areas though and making a leap in talent. Boyle isn't going to magically develop the skills and hockey sense of AA at age 27.

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