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03-18-2011, 10:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Well, a punch doesn't need to look like a titanic right cross from Tyson to hurt.


That's a blatant dive. What happened to Leino is much murkier.
This is why I am not a Carcillo fan in general. He makes some good moves and can fight, but I generally do not like him. I do not respect the pest type of hockey, but I see the use in it.

Originally Posted by Flyersfan139 View Post
Meh whatever all teams have divers. If you want it to stop the NHL should start punishing it more harshly but it is hard to call.

Blatant dives like the Carcillo one posted in this thread should be suspendable imo.
Agreed. That destroys the integrity of the game Avery-style.

Originally Posted by M0NTY26 View Post
He looks like a soccer player throwing his arms up in the air like that, trying to draw attention and a penalty... a.k.a. diving.
Soccer is rough though, balancing, trying to outrun someone, while controlling a ball, it's pretty intense, and the other guy is constantly trying to trip and tackle you. A lot of the time the players go down easily, sure, but with soccer I think the problem is the embellishment more so then the diving. WHEN they go down, they act like they broke a leg. Save it for when you are actually hurt.

Originally Posted by flyersfan187 View Post
It sorta makes it hard for us to talk crap on the penguins with their diving now because the flyers dive so much now. Briere, Leino and Carcillo are terrible with that. Leinos are the worst though because you can just throws his arms all over every time. I think Carcillo does it just to try and make the other team mad half the time then laugh in their face if it gets called.
Exactly, we call out other teams for diving all the time, I expect my team to play Broad Street hockey. Tough, physical, and punishing, but not diving. **** that.

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