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03-18-2011, 11:52 AM
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Originally Posted by deriik2020 View Post
Dagoon's bar whaddya think? lol. C'mon man you gotta know I'm talking about. Winning the cup within the next 5 years. They are closer than they are far imo. That doesn't say much but if you want me to put a number to it I'd say 70%. That 30 is a significant number though. It's arbitrary in my head either they all have to keep improving with some boost provided by some current prospects and/or pick up a healthy BR or something. Not here to start another back n forth about youth vs fail just saying if you asked me whether they were closer to winning the cup than they are far away from winning it i'd say closer. Everyone has their own opinion of course
Yeeesh. I was looking at a team that obviously needs to retool it's surrounding cast to challenge for the division. Probably needs to see some core pieces moved along with that retool to make a single serious Cup run. And to become an EC/NHL pernennial favorite, we most likely would need to part with pieces that include a real chunk of the current core, for futures to continue a rebuild that we would be hoping would culminate while we still have an elite goaltender.

I like what we have the beginnings of here, b ut we're much closer to the bottom than we are the top. Especially since you see the 17 or so teams both EC and WC ahead of us points wise, are almost all in the process of an upswing, and a few of the teams below us are deep in rebuilds that look like they might pay some serious dividends soon.

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