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03-18-2011, 01:34 PM
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Originally Posted by EasyMac View Post
Even with Briere, when you look at his past is he really "clutch"?

Post lockout, Briere has:

Regular season (including this season):
362 points in 379 games = 0.96 points per game

84 points in 80 games = 1.05 points per game

So only a 7-8 point different pace over 82 games, nothing earth-shattering.

The reason I only looked at post-lockout was that pre-lockout Briere only played in 6 playoff games (scoring 3 points). And his point per game in the regular season prior to the lockout was .63, so his pace of .5 in the playoffs was lower. Just didn't think it would be accurate to look at his scoring pace over his career as pre-lockout makes up 48% of his regular season games played whereas pre-lockout playoff games only make up 7% of playoff games he has played.
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I don't know about all this onion peeling..just know that last year he was clutch and throughout most of his recent career when he wasn't injured (works for Carter it seems) he has been pretty damn productive...

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