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Originally Posted by IrishSniper87 View Post
Soccer is rough though, balancing, trying to outrun someone, while controlling a ball, it's pretty intense, and the other guy is constantly trying to trip and tackle you. A lot of the time the players go down easily, sure, but with soccer I think the problem is the embellishment more so then the diving. WHEN they go down, they act like they broke a leg. Save it for when you are actually hurt.

Someone who gets it! Soccer players get a lot of flack for diving but, most soccer players can run in the 18-20mph range, with ball ( Most people posting here would be tripped up by the wind if they were just out running 18mph.

Now imagine that while controlling a ball, trying to fake other players out with head movements and body feints, while fending off tackles and such. A lot of people say soccer players hit the ground easy, but when your pushing your legs as far as they do... It's expected that ya know the straw breaks ye ol camels back.

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