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Originally Posted by dingbathero View Post
I enjoyed the slew foots by PK on Vinny... and then the slashing of the wrist... he deserved the slash he got back on the HOCKEY PANTS.... what a actor he is to dive the way he did.

Fans are not jealous you have PK, I think TRUE hockey fans are upset that such a team like the Habs have such a player on their roster. You get all the info from the league, PK isn't liked b/c of the way he plays the game, lacking respect, the dirt plays, etc: - it's not b/c he is 'great'.

As a Flyers fan we hate some things that Carcillo has done, it's horrible. Don't be blind just b/c he is on your team. I'd put him on the Malkin dirt and Avery dirt that happens....hopefully PK will learn, b/c I can see him being injured by another player or Karma will get him.
Wether you think he acted is one thing... but when you swing that hard at an opponent (even on a well protected area) you're basically asking for a 5...

think what Subban did was stupid ? how about : a 10 year vet with an OBVIOUS slash in a tight game turning what could have been a 5 on 3 into a 4 on 4 (and 5 on 4 for the opponent for 3 min)... now THAT's stupid...

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