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03-18-2011, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Coolburn View Post
And yes I could see Tallon trading 2 of his most underpaid/cheaper and best d-men because they will be EXTREMELY valuable to other teams lacking cap space and needing good d-men. Those 2 guys could bring back some really good assets, like a scoring forward if leveraged properly during the offseason. Also he said he'd be active in the free agent market and its a good yr to go out and get some in free agency (Pitkanen, Ehrhoff, Jovo, Markov, etc). If he gets 2 top d-men, I just feel like one of those guys could be made available via trade.
You may "want" Ellerby there but he's been very inconsistent in the NHL (as well as the AHL for that matter). He needs to earn that spot and if he doesnt, I doubt Tallon keeps him in the NHL. Thats just how Tallon works as we saw with gotta earn everything or you're not gonna be here.

The only guy I could say is really assured of being here next yr is Kulikov. And barring any moves, yes both Garrison and Weaver have contracts so they could be here. Beyond that, nothing is guaranteed so that means there's 3-4 NHL jobs that are open.

If you wanted to be more clear about Wilson & Callahan, then say you wanted them replaced. I dont want either guy re-signed and was making that statement that I dont think Tallon would consider re-signing them. He could add some depth d-men but it will still depend on the AHL affiliation which is in a state of flux right now.

I dont think Gudbranson really has to compete against depth guys to be honest. To me, a "depth guy" is someone who can be replaced in the lineup very easily. A guy like Sulzer would be a depth guy and I dont see that as competition for Gudbranson at this point. He's really going to compete against Ellerby and (possibly) Garrison for spots in the lineup.

I really dont know that Tallon only brings in 1 d-man from outside the org either. He could very easily trade for someone too (some are thinking Barker is a possibility since Tallon drafted him and the Wild could trade him). So a lot of scenarios could exist that may prevent Gudbranson from making the team. But like I said, he "should" make it but that doesnt mean I think he's a "lock".
If Garrison or Weaver can bring offensive power, I'll be shocked but gladly apologize !

You have those 3 (Garrison, Weaver, Kulikov) with contract, and you also expect Tallon to sign at least one of the prized defensemen... You have 4 regulars already, 2 spots open !

I don't need to be more clear about Wilson and Callahan: "I expect Tallon to sign Wilson and Callahan or guys to replace them at the AHL level" that was my first post.

You don't think Gudbranson has to compete against depth guy ? So you're counting Erik in your top-4... Then your handing him a spot... You know I don't get it ! Frolik made the team on the fourth-line, Ellerby made the team as our 7th defenseman, Detroit, Nashville, Buffalo and others aren't giving jobs to kids that's the model we should follow. And about every NHL teams have 6th defensemen who are gap-filling guys.

I expect the same from Gudbranson, he should make it but won't be handed a job... I don't know why we're arguing !... Oh yeah... You don't seem to like Ellerby !

Another assist for Erik by the way tonight... -2 though, his team got off to a slow start trailing 4-0 after the first and likely couldn't recover. I haven't been able to watch the OHL lately or any junior hockey.

I just hope we get a lottery pick and even better a top-4, that's all I'm asking for "next year"... Free agency ? We'll see !

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