Thread: News Article: Flyers have worst farm system in NHL
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03-19-2011, 09:59 AM
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This is one of the only times I can recall that I am actually OK with the farm team being bad due to the players the Flyers got in trading their picks.

This team is nothing without Pronger, who cost the Flyers what amounts to 3 first round picks in Sbisa and the other first rounders. I would do that trade again.

Chris Versteeg is likely going to be better than what the Flyers would draft with their pick in the 20s at this year's draft (although the Flyers are good at drafting in the late first round).

Most of the main players are locked into long term contracts which bodes well for the immediate future.

So for right now, I think it is acceptable to have a bad farm team due to the loss of so many draft picks.

The problem going forward will be for Holmgren to realize that the draft is our friend and not something that he should try to avoid. He has got to stop wasting 2nd round picks and keep some first rounders to build up the farm team so that in 3 or 4 years, he can actually have some players to bring up when the big team can't afford to keep all the current roster.

In a cap world, you need to have access to cheap labor, something the draft provides. So while I am not concerned now, Holmgren has to keep some picks in the future to start building up the system. I don't think you'll find many successful franchises that ignore the farm team and trade draft picks forever. Long term, the Flyers need some decent prospects.

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