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03-19-2011, 10:11 AM
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I'm aware that this board is called 'hockey's future' and that there's some weird obsession with draft picks (they've done Florida the world of good after all) but you can operate without them.

Infidel, instead of acting like a t**t, why don't you offer a rebuttal? The fact is that we don't need first rounders. You moan that we lose them but Holmgren merely cuts out the wait. He turned this year's first into a 24 year old who's already got 3 20 goal seasons. He turned the last two or three into one of the best defencemen in the league.

As I said, it'd be nice to have a flowing farm that we can keep dropping into and taking players from but we're not going to need one for a long while. Carter, Richards, Pronger, Timonen etc... are signed long term for good prices. We aren't in the position where we're desperate for ELC's across the board.
A lot of our current ELC's are going to be getting raises soon and the math has been worked out in this thread before, but we're fairly limited in how much money about a dozen of our players are going to be needing when the time to re-up comes. Versteeg is going to be expensive on his next deal, so will Giroux, JvR, and probably Leino at this rate. As I have said in this thread, we're fine right now, but in 2-3 years we're going to be needing an influx of young talent. Timonen will likely be retiring then, we have no idea when Pronger might begin to slow down or miss more time with injuries, and we're going to need good young defensemen ready to step in, and we'll be turning over our lower line forwards pretty consistently 'cause that's how it works.

The simple fact is that, long-term, you do need a farm system in order to continue operating. It's called sustainability. We emptied out the cupboard and put ourselves in great shape for the next couple years, but after that you're going to see turnover, and a lack of young, cheap talent at that point will have a noticeable effect.

You don't stay on top long-term without being able to draft well. We've always been good because we've always drafted well. Detroit is always on top because they draft exceedingly well. Do you need a first round pick every year? No, of course not. But not having a first (if you've read my comments in this thread - which I assume you haven't - you'll see this is the first time I'm even mentioning a first round pick) or second for consecutive draft classes will lead to a falloff in our ability to filter in cheap young players who can contribute, and that's necessary in the salary cap world.

You clearly missed the point of the discussion that occurred before you dropped oh-so-much wisdom on all of us: this is not an immediate issue or necessarily a crisis. With core of our team, we'll remain competitive. There's no doubt...but if you really want to make a run at a Cup, it's the fringe elements that make a difference. Every team in the league has a handful of good core players; it's your ability to put depth around them that can contribute when necessary that'll make a difference in the cap world....and you're not just going to do that through trades forever. It's not like we're screwed now, but Holmgren better start stocking up on prospects this year and next because we'll be needing NHL ready youth in a couple years.

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