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Originally Posted by hockey diva View Post
Good article Dave. Most of us are not happy with just being competitive. I know I am not. I think we disagree on the changes needed to get to the next level.

A general observation is that Trotz doesn't put our forwards in situations where they can succeed offensively and make the most out of their of strengths He has jerked Wilson around and benched him for making defensive mistakes. Yet he has let vets like Arnott and Sully get away with making those same mistakes and keep playing them. You can cite Kariya, SK and a few others for having great numbers under Trotz but the bottom line has shown no improvement in playoff performance.

Legwand is overpaid as a shutdown center. It wouldn't bother me as much if he was potting 20 goals at the same time but he's not. He has wiffed on multiple chances this year. As we say in 309, "You can't miss those".

Smithson is a workhorse no doubt but does he really need to be getting 10+ minutes a night?

I don't think we are just one guy away from going to the next level. I think we need adjustments in our current "system" to make us more competitive night in and night out. There has to be a better balance between being defensively responsible and offensive creativity. Whether we will see those changes is debatable.

I'm renewing because I love hockey and I want to keep this team here. I enjoy watching players on other teams. I can take off my Preds glasses occasionally and appreciate the talent I am watching 41 nights a year.
I agree with you that Legwand is overpaid as a shutdown center. I agree that the system needs a change in the future to get this team to the next level. I'll even agree that Smithson doesn't need to be getting 10+ minutes of ice time, but I'll add that it shouldn't be 10+ at even strength. If we take a ton of penalties in a game Smithson should be out there as much as possible killing them.

Now on to my disagreements. First, you're talking about Trotz jerking Wilson around for making mistakes, but allows Arnott, Sullivan, Dumont, etc make the same mistakes without punishing them (maybe not so much Dumont recently, but in the past). This argument has been thrown around a lot in Preds history. Let's look at it from a different perspective, though. Maybe Trotz just understands that Wilson is still raw and can be coached. He has all of this natural ability and size, but his game can still be shaped. Arnott, Sullivan, Dumont, etc are all seasoned vets. What do you do as a coach when you see a vet make the same mistake a rookie just made if you have already benched the rookie for it? Bench the vet and hope the lesson is, after so many seasons, finally learned? Or keep coaching the rookie so that one day he's better than that vet?

There's an old adage that comes to mind. You're a baseball coach, and you're watching two guys run to first base. Both guys run the same speed, but one has perfect form whereas the other doesn't. Who do you pick?

You pick the one without perfect form because he can be coached, and will be faster...

edit: I forgot to add my second disagreement haha... nothing major, but Legwand isn't paid to be a shutdown center. The contract he is on right now was earned as a scoring line center, and then Trotz moved him to a line with Smithson and Ward for a lot of last season. Yes he earns entirely too much money to be a shutdown center without producing decent offense, but when he's asked to play the role that earned him the contract he does produce. He's currently four points behind what he put up last year in 82, but he's played nearly thirty fewer games at this point (53). I don't think we'll ever see the 60 pt Legwand again, but if he's able to play on an actual scoring line (not just getting scoring line minutes) he does put up numbers for us.

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