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Originally Posted by BlackNYellow View Post
Alright, so it is understood that I should be trying my hardest to concentrate on proper form and technique (as I am new, duh) and that I should be transferring weight from my right leg to my left leg (back to front, as I am right handed, well have a right handed shot). But it seems that the 'lift' cannot be generated when going from right to left (legs again) but when I shoot and keep my weight on my left leg it seems that my shot gets the lift and essentially more overall power. I will try and get a video (which mind you I may look worse off than a 5 year old shooting, but oh well) to demonstrate what I mean. So basically all in all my shot seems better when using the improper leg to push off with, has anyone else experienced this?

Not to point fingers or anything and not to make a huge deal about it, but when reading Jeremys how to hockey article on the wrist shot it seems that he also shoots off the opposite foot in those pictures, is this bad practice?
You just need to keep working at it. You'll note in many videos that they say the basic wrist shot should be executed using weight transfer back and front, and snapping your wrists with a nice clean follow through. If you look at guys who have been playing the game for years, or even pros, they rarely take this type of shot in this exact manner. Instead, they produce all sorts of variations of shots, and practice from different stances and positions.

What is important though is that you have a good understanding of how this shot works because it's going to teach you the fundamentals for different types of shots. For instance, a snap shot or a clapper generally involves a lot of snapping of the wrists and you need to have an idea of how the puck is going to come off of your blade, and how to aim it. A slapshot for example requires a really good back to front transition of weight, and you need to balance yourself correctly as you're executing proper form.

In regards to your problem lifting the puck when trying to shift weight. Try 2 things, 1: On your release try to use your left hand (top of the stick as you're a righty) to pull backwards on the stick more to give it some extra acceleration and lift. 2: When prepping the shot and you're supposed to have the blade closed, try closing it even more than usual so the puck is pulled inwards a bit more and it's tight to the blade. If you do this, then it should start rolling along your blade a bit easier and should allow you to get more lift off the blade.

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