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Originally Posted by Tommy D View Post
Not to pick on you Bernie, but can you tell me the last time a Flyer Goalie stole a game?
None come to mind this year, though Boucher and Bob have withstood several late-game onslaughts that the Flyers have made a habit of serving up. My point, though, was that, while the goalies have not been superhuman, the team has been inadequate. And whom should we hold more accountable?
- The high-priced skaters who are supposed to roll over the other 29 teams?
- The 2 bargain-bin goaltenders, one past-his-prime veteran and one rookie?

I was hoping against hope for a deal for Vokoun before the deadline, and I am eternally frustrated by Holmgren's undervaluing of the G position. However, when I read "the goalies suck", it strikes me as an incomplete summation of what's currently wrong with this team. Everybody is underperforming. Everybody.

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