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Originally Posted by PaganKnight View Post
My bad it's Darkest Hour sorry I just see that from a website who where making in french some game to find the name. Here's the part

- Un groupe qui aime bien sortir un as de pique de son jeu…

- Un groupe qui a du talent…

- Un groupe qui comprend des enfants près d’un lac finlandais…

- Un groupe qui sonne une heure sombre…

The first one is Motorhead (for Ace of Spades), Second One Billy Talent, Third one Childre of Bodom and the last One Darkest hour like you say
Darkest hour has some fantastic stuff. Only started listening to them about a year ago, but the album ' undoing ruin' is fantastic. I very rarely listen to american metal bands and i don't like the metal/scream/insertwhatevertag-core music scene, but darkest hour managed to blend quite a few elements that I really enjoy.

Bodom's albums Hatebreeder and Follow the Reaper are fantastic as well. Steady decline since then.

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