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Originally Posted by kr580 View Post
I know it's personal preference but I still think a ton of people who use longer sticks would GREATLY benefit from a shorter stick, but most will never try it. They're in their comfort zone and that's their preference but it pains me to see guys during games/pickups who are using a stick that's probably 6 inches, or more, too long for them.

I use a stick that's an inch or so below my chin on skates and it's still probably and inch or two too long. My stickhandling improved immensely after cutting just 2" off my stick. I'm 5' 10" and my stick is 56".

My opinion: Start at the chin in skates and try lengths from there to find what you like. If you're using wood sticks you'll obviously have to start long and go to short, but that's a fairly inexpensive experiment to sacrifice a cheap woody. You can always add butt end extensions to composites if you cut it down too far.

Just a personal note: If I made that long/avg/short chart I'd go with Long at the nose, Average at the Chin and short maybe at the collarbone. Forehead would be Insanely Long.
I've experimented with all sorts of stick lengths, believe me. I've used ones anywhere from my neck to my nose and everywhere inbetween. I think some quick stickhandling improved with a stick around the chin but I was also less productive with it. I felt I had the puck less and was often waiting for it to come to me. With a stick around me lower lip I feel I steal a lot more pucks and even skate a bit faster while keeping my head up as I can always see the puck in my peripheral. Well, not always, but its easier than with a short stick where the puck is in my feet.

However, I don't necessarily think that stickhandling is easier with a shorter stick but it is definitely conducive to different sorts of stickhandling moves. With a longer stick I find it's easier to put the puck into deadzones between bodies and keep it. I find I don't have to make as many moves because it's easier to find that dead space and just make an easy tap and then catch up to the puck. I also find it's easier to bait people into trying for the poke check which opens up more space for yourself.

I find a short stick gives me slicker and quicker hands but makes me a less productive player. I also find it easier to shoot with a stick thats at my lower lip.

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