Thread: News Article: Habs fans among the worst??
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03-20-2011, 04:14 AM
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Originally Posted by f2d View Post
Nah, to just sit there while it's being played is perfectly fine. You don't have to respect that country's traditions. Booing is NOT OK. If someone has no reaction that's fine, maybe they don't even know the tradition.

If someone was booing it next to me, I would take some serious considering into stabbing them because that's just not cool. If I was at a canadian arena, if everyone was standing up for their anthem I would stand up too, if for no other reason, then to just not be a total *******. there's no reason for that kind of ****.
Wish you had been in my section when some Rangers fans were booing the Canadian national anthem to see if you would have reacted similarly. No one else did.

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