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03-20-2011, 07:29 AM
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I'm not asking for blood. I'm asking for them to stick up for their best player.

Show some emotion.

Its not just the other night. Henrik gets run constantly. Probably more then any other goaltender in the league. The guy has to retaliate himself a lot of the times (unless Sauer and Dubinsky are on the ice) because nobody else fights for him.

Being indifferent towards it even in interviews portrays an image that they don't care if Lundqvist gets ran over...over and over and over.

I get it, its professional sports, its a business they're not soldiers fighting for their lives. But still, show some pride. There was a time when if someone went near your goaltender, they'd be hurt the next time they step on the ice, and if they didn't step on the ice, someone else got it instead.

Goaltenders, the most important players on the ice, get zero respect or protection from the league. The league worries too much about how much padding they're wearing, took away half the goal crease, handcuffed defensemen from stopping guys from screening the goaltender, do nothing to stop the goaltenders from getting run over.

International rules get it right more then the NHL does. They even stop the play if the puck hits a goaltender in the mask.

What's the difference between a blind side hit on a defenseless player, and running through a goaltender at full speed? No difference at all.

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