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Originally Posted by Jxmarts View Post
I agree completely that "progress" is what matters most in evaluating a prospect. If I were "stat surfing" and making outrageous projections, you'd be right to correct me.

I'm not making outrageous predictions, however. I'm simply saying that based on Kreider's stats, he hasn't proven yet that he's a shoo in step into the NHL and score 20 or more goals for the Rangers next year.

That's a very conservative statement. I'm not even saying it can't happen. I'm just saying it isn't likely to happen... next year. This statement would be true of almost any prospect regardless of stats.
We Ranger fans have a tendancy to expect too much from our prospects. I've always tried to temper those expectations and have patience with young players. We expect too much, and then we often turn on our young players too quickly.

Please don't think I'm down on Kreider. I love the fact that he's a Ranger prospect. I love the fact that he's a two way player. My only argument is that it might take time for him to become a proficient goal scorer on the NHL level, and we should not depend on it happening next year. That's not an outrageous statement to make.
Excellent post only being around this board as a lurker and a poster it seems more to me though that everyone leans more towards negativity and some people are so bad they don't even recognize it if our prospects play over their projections in a few cases. People seem more biased to being right than to being open to the idea that these are young 20 year olds who can't step into a men's league and don't always perform at their peak all the time. It also seems like people fail to like prospects a lot of time if they are simply 2nd liners. We appreciate our third line bangers and grit guys but anytime a guy only makes 2nd line potential we give up even if it's only his 2nd year.

Can't agree more about Kreider though he's going to need a few years to develop like most players all do. He's shown he's coachable and that he does improve in all facets of the game though which will boost his development like a dominoe effect.

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