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03-20-2011, 01:10 PM
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Originally Posted by jlsg View Post
What's funny about this is to think that there something more to the "Predator Way" other then play hard do your job. That's all the "Predator Way" is. Ask anyone on the team and that's what they'll tell you. Trotz doesn't kill forwards with his system, he doesn't have a system. His system changes constantly and he'll tell you that. The system we have now is a lot different then what we were doing 2 months ago. That's what makes him a good coach, he doesn't force a system on talent that can't do it.

Truth is if we didn't have to blow up the team a few years ago we would have had a couple of deep runs in the playoffs. Think of Weber, Suter and Timmo on the backend. Think of Wilson, Hornqvist and Hartnell on a line.

Poile and Trotz have done an exceptional job considering they were thrown under the bus by a previous owner.
My references to "the Predator way" have generally all been in terms of how Poile builds the team.

I also think that both have done a great job to this point (and said so multiple times).

I had three goals with this article:

1) Yes, they've done a great job. But, they've also made some significant mistakes and/or have noticeable areas that tend to always be a problem in Trotz's case. Those tend to be glossed over by the mainstream media and a lot of Predator fans. I wanted to bring about discussion regarding those areas.

2) Express my opinion that the way this team is built has to evolve a little bit if it's going to see a deep run in the playoffs (again, my opinion). My main problem with Fisher's acquisition (a non-rental) was that it seemed to indicate that the team was going to continue to be built around average to good forwards. That get's you to the playoffs if you can keep Weber, Suter and Rinne. What if they get tired of that? Then what?

3) There tends to be this notion that Nashville could not afford an elite forward plus the trio of Suter, Weber and Rinne (putting aside how that elite forward would be acquired). That notion has fueled this thought among mainstream media that the way Poile is building the franchise is the only way to do so and compete. I finally wanted to point out how much hogwash that was. Whether Poile's way is the right way or what I'm suggesting is the right way, the point is that the money exists to do either.

Good stuff folks.

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