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03-20-2011, 05:19 PM
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To be Mr. Obvious and not join in the discussion of the question... the Flyers have to be able to beat every team in the NHL o win the Cup... Rather than count on other teams to pull the upsets for them, maybe they can just pull off a win against the most difficult team for them to play themselves?

For them to be able to clear the board they have to have that moxie they had last season as well as the resolve the luck... and they must each play up to their capability and push the envelope while having a hot player and/or line in each series and be able to overcome any and all injuries that are bound to happen... and have capable goaltending that will not lose games for them while stealing a couple. Last season hey had all that but for the goaltending in the Finals.

This may be a cop out to say, but I honestly feel that it is more a matter of all hat then it is who hey play... IMO if they all play as they have shown they can play, and have no major injuries, they can beat any team in a series -- a very big 'if' -- If Pronger can come back and be his old self my largest fear is the goaltending letting them down... Can Bob be like Hexy in his rookie season?

But to actually answer the question... I don't want them to play a Devils team that can storm into the Dance. BUT, IMO, the Devils have too much ground to gain in too short a span.

EDIT: That really didn't answer the question, did it?... I answered who I DIDN'T want. haha

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