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Originally Posted by GSC2k2 View Post
I am puzzled why you feel compelled to repeat your position, virtually word for word. I got it the first time. As requested, I responded with a detailed legal argument. I believe you disagree with said argument. I get it. We are at a dead end on on the interpretation issue, my friend. There is nothing else to say.

As I have said several times now, there is no need to do estimates. PHO's previous financials are publicly available. I have studied them. I recommended that you do so as well, because otherwise you are at a disadvantage in discussing this with me.

Happy to clarify. I am not referring to the effective date in the AMULA. I am referring to the effective date in what will be the asset purchase agreement between the NHL and Hulsizer. THat is what dictates adjustments to the purchase price. The AMULA will have its own start date.
And I am puzzled as to why you seem to think that you repeating your position is reasonable, and my consistent response is not. I only repeated my position when I saw you once again repeating yours, with which I disagree. I will be happy to cease posting on this topic if you plan to do so as well.

Are you referring to this sort of document about previous financials (

If so, I have perused this and did not find it too difficult to total up $15-20 million in expenses beyond arena management and hockey / coach salaries and travel. Could you with certainty specify which items in the list of Expenses are clearly excluded from the "Arena Management Fee"? If so, I would like to know how you have done that.

For example, would the $9.5 million in "Ownership Expenses", "League Expenses" and "Other Management Expense" be excluded from eligible costs? If so, why were they not explicitly excluded as were player / coach salaries, travel and equipment? In addition, how would the $7 million for Business, Finance and Admin, Ticketing and Broadcasting be treated?

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