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10-13-2003, 04:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Melrose_Jr.
And Melnyk, I'm not the least bit surprised. Is anyone?
I am slightly surprised. Not at the tought that we are bad, but at the thought that we are THIS BAD. We were simply putrid for the first 2 games. There are several reasons to blame for this, but they all keep pointing back to the same thing that has been troubling us for 6 years now.
1. Lack of a system. Either Sather has a system in place and the players are not executing it or his "system" is incapable of being played. Either the players are choosing not to play the way that he wants or they start off playing it but wilt under the first sign of pressure. If all it takes is 1 goal to mentally unhinge the team, then what does it say about the collective backbone of this so-called team? If the players are not adhering to the "system", then why is Jackass not replacing them with players that will pay attention? Seems to me that at least half the team can use a night or 2 of not dressing.
2. Undisciplined play. Now I know that at least 3 of the 11 penaties on the Rangers were unwarranted the other night. The slashing on Rosie and the 2 on Lindros were absolute jokes. However, the majority of the penalties were exaclty as they appeared. They were taken due to lazy play. Malakhov and his twin Mironov altertately taking turns taking lazy obstruction call. Kasper....the beat just goes on. Where is ACCOUNTABILITY?
3. Special teams. What happened to quick shots from the point? Once again they fat cats engaged in the practice of passing around the perimeter w/o shooting the puck on goal. Didn't they work on this? The PP was the most pathetic that I have seen yet. No one going to the net. No one content w/ simply throwing the puck in and retrieving it. Maybe that's the problem. These guys are just stickhandling and overpassing becuase they know that simply firing the puck in on goal requires a player to go and dig for rebounds and there is not a player tha is willing to dig. MAybe the do not simply dump the puck in and get it is becuase these fatcats are simply not willing to go into a corner and retrieve it.
34. Lack of hustle. This could be the most glaring problem. These fatcats looked timid. No one was willing to get their nose dirty in a corner. No one was willing to dig for a puck. These guys were beated to EVERY loose puck on the ice.

As for the players, that is a different story.

1. Has anyone seen Rosie? This guy looks to be as bad as everyone who did not want him back feared he would be. Start up Lindros? Maybe a little time on the bench would remind him that there are others who are willing to work hard if he is not.
2. Carter. Has anyone seen him?
3. Kasper. If you sign a guy for his big hits and passionate play, why would you then change the way he plays? Kasper is not a guy who hangs around positionally all game long. Seems to me that if Sather wants him to be that steady guy, then he is not the player who he signed.
4. Malakhov & Bobo. Has there been a more useless pair of defensemen in the league? This duo has simply been HORRIFIC. Surely there are other people who can do at least just as poorly as these 2 in Hartford? I mean can anyone actually do worse? How much do we really loose if these 2 do not dress on Thursday?

I will not completely flip out yet. Sather has had plenty of time to make changes for Thursday. He has got plently of practice time. But if he cannot get this team straightened out by Thursday, LOOOK OUT. Then heads should role. If the same apathetic loosers show up for the home opener, Jackass should be run out of town.

Oh, and the oldest 4th line in hockey was not the problem. Can't blame the weekend on Messier. Not that I was not horrified when saw that Messier playes over 16 minutes the other night and on the PP. However, was Messier really worse than Holik? Or CArter? Or Rosie? I think that Sather falling back on him as a safety valve when players flounder WILL be a problem this year, however Messier is not to blame for the team looking pathetic.
Where I can blame him is leadership. Shouldn't a Captain stand up and address the team after such a lacklusted performance? How could a leader be this silent?
But that aside, Mess has not conributed to the teams rather underwhelming performance.

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