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Originally Posted by Whileee View Post
And I am puzzled as to why you seem to think that you repeating your position is reasonable, and my consistent response is not. I only repeated my position when I saw you once again repeating yours, with which I disagree. I will be happy to cease posting on this topic if you plan to do so as well.

Are you referring to this sort of document about previous financials (

If so, I have perused this and did not find it too difficult to total up $15-20 million in expenses beyond arena management and hockey / coach salaries and travel. Could you with certainty specify which items in the list of Expenses are clearly excluded from the "Arena Management Fee"? If so, I would like to know how you have done that.

For example, would the $9.5 million in "Ownership Expenses", "League Expenses" and "Other Management Expense" be excluded from eligible costs? If so, why were they not explicitly excluded as were player / coach salaries, travel and equipment? In addition, how would the $7 million for Business, Finance and Admin, Ticketing and Broadcasting be treated?
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