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10-13-2003, 04:23 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
4. Malakhov & Bobo. Has there been a more useless pair of defensemen in the league? This duo has simply been HORRIFIC. Surely there are other people who can do at least just as poorly as these 2 in Hartford? I mean can anyone actually do worse? How much do we really loose if these 2 do not dress on Thursday?
I agree TB. If the Rangers defense was so bad last season (and it was), why then do you come back with the exact same personnel save de Vries? Why was it essential to bring back Bobo when Slats could have taken a chance on Pisa or waited and grabbed someone in the waiver draft?

For that matter, Larry Brooks made an excellent point yesterday:

"Finally, how exactly is it that the Stanley Cup champions can not only go with a pair of rookies on defense, but have both Paul Martin and David Hale on the ice in overtime when the Rangers are afraid to let Fedor Tjutin onto the team even if he might be the fifth-best defenseman in the organization? Who says that getting 12-14 minutes of third-pair NHL defense time isn't worth more than 22 minutes in the AHL? What is management afraid of anyway, that the group Metro Card discount they get for seniors might go away?"

A good question.

It's time for Slats to put his stamp on this team not just his signature on the checks. Put Vladikov and Moronov on waivers. Send one of them to Hartford when they clear. Tell this team that in no uncertain terms is any help on the ways save Leetch when he comes back. There will be no trades. There will be no signing of Steve Webb (why anyway?). This team is the team. There is no better time for accountability than right now.

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