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03-20-2011, 08:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
So on, and so forth... this team is beatable, I think you're grossly overconfident here in dismissing potential opponents and the various risks they pose... even in the early rounds. As of right now, a quite likely 2nd round opponent would be TB, who has caused all kinds of problems for us.
Agree there, hopefully its been a product of that and having to play against teams that are scratching and clawing for their playoff lives for the past several weeks on, not that losing in the manner they have been is an excuse, but to some degree they have more to play for. Hopefully these last 11 games they can clamp down some as well and go into April playing their best.

Originally Posted by Jester View Post
It does matter, though. Avoiding tougher matchups earlier leads to better prospects down the line... you don't want to get into a grinding series that wears you out. Even if this team plays their best, not all opponents are created equal and you want to avoid the ones that will take the most out of you.
Exactly, even with the recent slide they've been on, they are still in a good spot to win the division for once. It will be nice to not have to play the top 3-4 teams back to back to back to even think about playing in the Cup round like it has been for the past several years. Just looking at the teams Pitt has had to play compared to the Flyers over the past 3 seasons makes winning the division and if possible the conference extremely important and one could argue a good barometer for each teams' success over the long haul come playoff time.

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