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10-13-2003, 04:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Takeo21
Satan as captain is a travesty. He picks his spots and then disappears for periods at a time. He's one of our softest players and never shows an ounce of emotion (moreless leadership) on the ice. Not that I can identify a player who actually deserves it, but Satan is simply a joke as captain. I know everyone on here supported the idea, but hopefully you all have a clue now... I'd love Satan for Laraque + pick or d-prospect.
Deep breaths now. Takeo, we all know you stood tall in your belief Satan should not be Buffalo's Captain, and you will have every right to gloat when Lindy agrees and strips the C from his chest, but now is not the time. It has only been two games. You are already labeling everyone who voted for making Satan Buffalo's captain clueless, and calling for the trade of Buffalo's best player, who just signed a new contact, for a goon (albeit a very talented goon) and a pick. No one (outside of Miller) has looked good so far, so I do not see the need to pick Satan out of the group. As I said, you may end up being right with your assessment of Satan's leadership, but in my opinion it is way to come to the conclusion he should not be captain, let alone to start calling for his trade.

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