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03-20-2011, 09:07 PM
Miss you Savvy !
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Originally Posted by Fitzy Duke of NY View Post
We have a 3rd line scrub skating around injuring and potentially ending the careers of much better NHL players. He is bad for the league, both in image, spirit, and in terms of the good talent that he takes off the ice.
Well said.

cooke needs to go before he damages anymore heads, knees, careers and lives.

Mario needs to grow some balls and rid the Pens of this POS.

The NHL needs to toss cooke's sorry ass out of the NHL for good.

I am happy your player is OK.

I am a Marc Savard fan and am very pissed that cooke still is out there and Savvy may never play again.

"Bergeron...Bergeron !!!"
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