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10-13-2003, 04:50 AM
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Wow--that's was one ugly weekend!!!

Just got back from FLA on Saturday night and caught some of game one on tape and game 2 live and I guess all that can be said is we could not have looked any worse.

They looked even more lost in transition defense then they did last year and there wasn't one player that played well enough to excuse them even somewhat from the debacle that was this weekend.

Mironov and Malakhov were disgusting and need to be seperated.Darius and Dale weren't much better and Poti-deVries weren't close to how they looked together in preseason.

Our ONLY hope for the defense is that Leetch can come in and lift or rather carry Malakhov's level of play into something above decent, Boris and Kaspairitis become the 3rd pair and play limited minutes and deVries-Poti settles in to playing somewhere around the level they did in preseason together.

Leetch was last yr and will be this yr the teams most important player and having him out there 26-28 minutes a night controling the play on both ends can make all the difference in the world, not to mention him QBing the PP which looked dreadful after being lethal in preseason.

Up front there isn't much to say.Kovalev has done nothing and isn't even showing flashes, Nedved was quiet, Hlavac looked more involved then preseason.

The Lindros line has no zip right now.Lindros has been somewhat quiet but this time I honestely think it has more to do with Anson looking totally lost and Rosie being extremely quiet.Maybe Anson should be moved to a line with Holik if this continues another couple of games.Something has to be done because this guy is a much better player then what he's shown here thus far.

And for a guy who continues to run his mouth Holik has done NOTHING in his time here that would allow for his critisms that he always excludes himself from.He is nowhere near a physical force, has done jack sh$t on faceoffs this weekend, and has been nothing to talk about in his own zone, forget about chipping in some offense as well.And the one"young and hungry" guys everybody goes ga-ga over has yet to bring any young legs or energy to the lineup nor any skating nor skill to the lineup.And Lacouture is a solid 4th liner, not 4rd IMO.

The 4th line has been OK but that's probrably because of the limited icetime they've gotten so they haven't had as big a chance to screw things up.

The only things you can hope for is Leetch making a huge difference when he comes back which he will and the fact that the team can't be as lost as they looked this weekend.They already have a gut check and if they don't come through this home strecth with a very solid record then the season will be like many of the last few we've had to endure.

The start certainly puts damper on Thursday night.

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